General Objects

Kaltura API

Service Name batchcontrol
Description batch service lets you handle different batch process from remote machines.
As oppesed to other ojects in the system, locking mechanism is critical in this case.
For this reason the GetExclusiveXX, UpdateExclusiveXX and FreeExclusiveXX actions are important for the system's intergity.
In general - updating batch object should be done only using the UpdateExclusiveXX which in turn can be called only after
acuiring a batch objet properly (using GetExclusiveXX).
If an object was aquired and should be returned to the pool in it's initial state - use the FreeExclusiveXX action
Name Description
reportStatusbatch reportStatus action saves the a status attribute from a remote scheduler and returns pending commands for the scheduler
configLoadedbatch configLoaded action saves the configuration as loaded by a remote scheduler
stopSchedulerbatch stop action stops a scheduler
stopWorkerbatch stop action stops a worker
killbatch kill action forces stop og a batch on a remote scheduler
startWorkerbatch start action starts a job
setSchedulerConfigbatch sets a configuration parameter to be loaded by a scheduler
setWorkerConfigbatch sets a configuration parameter to be loaded by a worker
setCommandResultbatch setCommandResult action saves the results of a command as recieved from a remote scheduler
listCommandslist batch control commands
getCommandbatch getCommand action returns the command with its current status
listSchedulerslist all Schedulers
listWorkerslist all Workers
getFullStatusbatch getFullStatus action returns the status of all schedulers and queues