General Objects

Kaltura API

Name Type Description
clientVer string
eventType KalturaStatsEventType
eventTimestamp float the client's timestamp of this event
sessionId string a unique string generated by the client that will represent the client-side session: the primary component will pass it on to other components that sprout from it
partnerId int
entryId string
uniqueViewer string the UV cookie - creates in the operational system and should be passed on ofr every event
widgetId string
uiconfId int
userId string the partner's user id
currentPoint int the timestamp along the video when the event happend
duration int the duration of the video in milliseconds - will make it much faster than quering the db for each entry
userIp string will be retrieved from the request of the user
processDuration int the time in milliseconds the event took
controlId string the id of the GUI control - will be used in the future to better understand what the user clicked
seek bool true if the user ever used seek in this session
newPoint int timestamp of the new point on the timeline of the video after the user seeks
referrer string the referrer of the client
isFirstInSession bool will indicate if the event is thrown for the first video in the session