General Objects

Kaltura API

Name Type Description
id int The id of the media info
flavorAssetId string The id of the related flavor asset
fileSize int The file size
containerFormat string The container format
containerId string The container id
containerProfile string The container profile
containerDuration int The container duration
containerBitRate int The container bit rate
videoFormat string The video format
videoCodecId string The video codec id
videoDuration int The video duration
videoBitRate int The video bit rate
videoBitRateMode KalturaBitRateMode The video bit rate mode
videoWidth int The video width
videoHeight int The video height
videoFrameRate float The video frame rate
videoDar float The video display aspect ratio (dar)
videoRotation int
audioFormat string The audio format
audioCodecId string The audio codec id
audioDuration int The audio duration
audioBitRate int The audio bit rate
audioBitRateMode KalturaBitRateMode The audio bit rate mode
audioChannels int The number of audio channels
audioSamplingRate int The audio sampling rate
audioResolution int The audio resolution
writingLib string The writing library
rawData string The data as returned by the mediainfo command line
multiStreamInfo string
scanType int
multiStream string