General Objects

Kaltura API

Name Type Description
orderBy string This parameter sets the order criteria by which objects will be retrieved. This parameter should by set according to the following enumeration: KalturaFileSyncOrderBy.
partnerIdEqual int
objectTypeEqual KalturaFileSyncObjectType
objectTypeIn string
objectIdEqual string
objectIdIn string
versionEqual string
versionIn string
objectSubTypeEqual int
objectSubTypeIn string
dcEqual string
dcIn string
originalEqual int
createdAtGreaterThanOrEqual int
createdAtLessThanOrEqual int
updatedAtGreaterThanOrEqual int
updatedAtLessThanOrEqual int
readyAtGreaterThanOrEqual int
readyAtLessThanOrEqual int
syncTimeGreaterThanOrEqual int
syncTimeLessThanOrEqual int
statusEqual KalturaFileSyncStatus
statusIn string
fileTypeEqual KalturaFileSyncType
fileTypeIn string
linkedIdEqual int
linkCountGreaterThanOrEqual int
linkCountLessThanOrEqual int
fileSizeGreaterThanOrEqual int
fileSizeLessThanOrEqual int