General Objects

Kaltura API

Name Type Description
id string Auto generated 10 characters alphanumeric string
name string Entry name (Min 1 chars)
description string Entry description
partnerId int
userId string The ID of the user who is the owner of this entry
tags string Entry tags
adminTags string Entry admin tags can be updated only by administrators
categories string
status KalturaEntryStatus
moderationStatus KalturaEntryModerationStatus Entry moderation status
moderationCount int Number of moderation requests waiting for this entry
type KalturaEntryType The type of the entry, this is auto filled by the derived entry object
createdAt int Entry creation date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
rank float Calculated rank
totalRank int The total (sum) of all votes
votes int Number of votes
groupId int
partnerData string Can be used to store various partner related data as a string
downloadUrl string Download URL for the entry
searchText string Indexed search text for full text search
licenseType KalturaLicenseType License type used for this entry
version int Version of the entry data
thumbnailUrl string Thumbnail URL
accessControlId int The Access Control ID assigned to this entry (null when not set, send -1 to remove)
startDate int Entry scheduling start date (null when not set, send -1 to remove)
endDate int Entry scheduling end date (null when not set, send -1 to remove)
dataContent string The data of the entry