General Objects

Kaltura API

Name Type Description
orderBy string This parameter sets the order criteria by which objects will be retrieved. This parameter should by set according to the following enumeration: KalturaBatchJobOrderByExt.
idEqual int
idGreaterThanOrEqual int
partnerIdEqual int
partnerIdIn string
createdAtGreaterThanOrEqual int
createdAtLessThanOrEqual int
entryIdEqual string
jobTypeEqual KalturaBatchJobType
jobTypeIn string
jobTypeNotIn KalturaBatchJobType
jobSubTypeEqual int
jobSubTypeIn string
onStressDivertToIn string
statusEqual KalturaBatchJobStatus
statusIn string
priorityGreaterThanOrEqual int
priorityLessThanOrEqual int
workGroupIdIn string
queueTimeGreaterThanOrEqual int
queueTimeLessThanOrEqual int
finishTimeGreaterThanOrEqual int
finishTimeLessThanOrEqual int
errTypeIn string
fileSizeLessThan int
fileSizeGreaterThan int
jobTypeAndSubTypeIn string