General Objects

Kaltura API

Name Type Description
id int
partnerId int
createdAt int
updatedAt int
deletedAt int
processorExpiration int
executionAttempts int
entryId string
entryName string
jobType KalturaBatchJobType
jobSubType int
onStressDivertTo int
data KalturaJobData
status KalturaBatchJobStatus
abort int
checkAgainTimeout int
progress int
message string
description string
updatesCount int
priority int
workGroupId int
twinJobId int The id of identical job
bulkJobId int The id of the bulk upload job that initiated this job
parentJobId int When one job creates another - the parent should set this parentJobId to be its own id.
rootJobId int The id of the root parent job
queueTime int The time that the job was pulled from the queue
finishTime int The time that the job was finished or closed as failed
errType KalturaBatchJobErrorTypes
errNumber int
fileSize int
lastWorkerRemote bool
schedulerId int
workerId int
batchIndex int
lastSchedulerId int
lastWorkerId int
dc int